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Best friend

Ever wanted to fuck your best friend so much? and so roughly?

Morning Sex

How awesome is morning sex? right?¬†wrong!…in my case.

So this morning i woke up after a “Sexy Dream” with my legs entwined in my husbands. God is he gorgeous! i could feel him against me was just too much to resist! So i snook out of bed brushed my teeth came back and put my mouth to work on him while he was still sleeping! We haven’t had sex in about a week due to pms crmaps haven’t felt up to it so we were gagging for each other really! when he has the sexiest big thighs and this adorable cute face, how can i resist? so anyway we got it on and literally raped the other! but then… reality sunk in and how i would have liked to stay there all day but no…i had a plane to catch to puerto rico for work :(

The best friend

So went shopping with my best friend yesterday (Bi-sexual guy he’s like a big girl really) the whole time i could not stop checking him out. His butt is so perfectly shaped and rounded like a bubble butt, he’s tall around 6ft 4 and lean with muscles:P. He ahd me trying clothes on e.g. purple jeans because he loves the color purple and told me i look good in it. I could see the whole time his cock was getting semi hard it was turning me on alot. But seen as im married and he has a thing for my husband it was a no no. Even though we’ve fucked before ;) the day passed on and we met up with the rest of our group of friends later that night in Santa Monica. My husband spoke to me on how he wanted a pass to fuck his ex girlfriend for the night (our relationship/marriage is complicated i could write a book on it and you still probably wouldn’t get us) so i gave it him just on the basis i had such a sexual urge for my best friend.

So much tension had built up during the day that when we got back to mine we literally grabbed each others heads roughly and furiously made-out it was hard to make it up the stairs i tell yah! I love the way he’s rough with everything he does and it’s like he rapes me but in the good way. Leaving scratches down my thighs and the way he tugs on my neck with his teeth god he sure as hell is sexy!

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Turning you on

What turn’s you on the most?

The morning’s you wake up when life’s so imperfect but your husband your laying on is so damn perfect along with the moment <3


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Friend’s Birthday!

So today is my friend’s birthday and were having a party for him! I have been fighting with my husband the last few days so i have alot of tension! my best female friend Melanie is here as it’s her boyfriend’s birthday! seen as i’m bi-sexual seeing her in her tight bikini is sooo turning me on! were going to be having a beer in a blow-up pool wrestling contest soon! mmhmm the endless thoughts!